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With the rising numbers of liulfrs the species is having to consider creating large packs to allow them to reap the benifits of the different territories, but liulfrs arent the only species out there, and others species are also gathering in large groups, these groups will become competitors for each other. In order to keep the peace and to make sure the packs arent constently at war with eachother alliences and treaties are to be set down. But will everyone stick to their oaths, or will they break the treaties and start an all out war of the clans? Nydaovia has a lot of hidden secrets but will they lead the pack that calls it their home to happyness and peace or chaos and distruction?

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Nydaovia Front Cover - Chapter 1 by Apikalia96



*SPOILER ALERT* I really didnt want to reveal this so soon as the page isnt up yet but I intend on making Lerosina and Eld'rak have puppies!*SPOILER ALERT*

So as stated above I have big plans for these two already, and Im in need of some puppy designs as I cant seem to come up with any I really think suit the story. So I turn to my loyal watchers of the comic and have decided to turn it in to a fun little contest. I thought i would post this now so people had a chance to enter and had a fair amount of time too.

No un natural designs - Refer to Shield wolf colour charts for info on what they are allowed to have.
You may draw the pup yourself or use a line art what ever is easiest for you. Post your entries below.
You may choose the gender or leave it as a blank gender.
No deformites or birth defects please.
Some that dont win here may be used for a later litter if I plan on breeding them again.
**UPDATE** Deadline, removed as it obviously wasn't long enough. Also the one entry per person rule has been lifted so you may design more than one now if you wish!

I have also added a prize for the winners, they will be able to order and complexity or style of artwork from me with as many characters as they want (But don't ask for too many) and the best part? ITS COMPLETELY FREE!!

So GO! Get designing people! :) But most of all enjoy it!
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